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The process of attracting and retaining productive employees, every day becomes more competitive among companies, has grown into a "war for talent", which leads us to intensify the search for the best in their area, to become part and keep your business.

Finding the best candidate sometimes takes a long time, why wait when you can get the best staff that has already been filtered by our company?

Payroll Management
Do not have an accounting department or time to validate overtime, lateness, absentees or layoffs?

We can manage your company’s payroll and so you can focus on achieving your goals, we can take care of the administrative part.

Social activities for your company
Getting the best location for a team-building, the year-end party or any other social activity that you want to organize, that will require time consuming and experience.

We are in the best position to assist you in this task, LosDecoradores.com S. A. is a company with many years of experience in the market and in partnership with us will make your activity a success.

Brand development (events, exhibitions, stationery, and letterhead)
The first step is to know what our customers want to show of themselves and what they expect their customers to see in them.

All combined with a concept which includes: stationery, website, market related thoughts, colors, designs ... everything is a sea of never ending options and if you do not have a front where arrive.

We have experts in marketing that will make your brand look and apart from the competition.

Demand generation strategies
Our Demand Generation portfolio includes different tactics to meet the strategy needs of our clients in the recruitment area, we have the exact solution to increase market penetration and achieve their goals. Need technical staff and do not have time to start the recruitment process?

This is the time to contact us. Please send an e-mail with the details of the job, salary range and technical specifications, one of our executive will follow up.

Indispensable is to know the start date of work for the candidates and the functions they are to perform. Remember if requires the candidate to be trained or work abroad, this must be indicated as well as the destination to validate VISA and passport requirements.

Details of costs will be sent to your mailbox through a formal quote from our company.




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